Waste Logistics Logo.jpgCan We Build a Waste Savings Plan for New Construction?

Our Logistics experts have industry knowledge and experience developing waste and recycle plans. We can help with the size and number of dumpster’s / compactor’s needed for both solid waste and recycling to ensure the community begins with lowest pricing and optimal service.

Does Waste Logistics Pay My Hauler Invoices?

Waste Logistics can pay the hauler invoices each month to ensure the validity of each charge.  We also continually optimize your containers and ensure you have the best service plan month after month.

How Does Waste Logistics Make Money?

We charge Flat Rate pricing per community based on number of units. Over the course of our contract we will work hard to find savings for your community(s), continually ensuring waste support and cost control. 100% of all savings are returned to the customer. Our Waste Logistics service is like having a dedicated waste cost control manager on your payroll.

What if I Currently Have a Contract with a Waste Hauler?

Many clients come to us under contract with a waste hauler.  We manage waste and recycle services nationwide, which affords us great relationships with haulers who are many times willing to renegotiate.  If not we still work hard to find saves and manage your waste until the current contract expires, at which time there is generally a great opportunity to capture savings.

What if I Do Not Like the Service Plan Recommended?

We only make service plan recommendations which will have no negative impact on your community.  Your community will retain complete control over implementing our recommendations, which require approval, and are then managed at a local level.  We provide “eyes on the trash” research, all of which is shared at the time the recommendations are made. 

What if My Community is in a Franchised or City Hauling area?

We can offer your community our support even when hauling rates are non-negotiable due to a Franchise Agreement.  With service optimization and support we still have the potential to find saves. Even franchised hauler invoices can have some billing errors; with our support these fees are identified and the hauler is contacted for correction. We ensure these overcharges are not passed to you, the customer. 

Why Should I Consider Recycling?

Due to the ability to reuse the material, recyclables have commodity value not typically associated with solid waste. Offering your residents the option to recycle allows waste diversion from the landfill and a savings in waste hauling and disposal costs. Additionally, many cities and counties are mandating recycling programs at multifamily housing.  We have experience implementing this service and enabling compliance with these mandates. Some multifamily communities have concerns that they "have no room” for recycle containers, but a variety of containers and options are available. When partnered with our doorstep trash service, we collect and place recyclables in appropriate containers, ensuring no contamination and increased recycling participation.

If I don’t have Doorstep Trash and Recycling Collection Service can I still use Waste Logistics?

While the benefits of having both doorstep collection service and Waste Logistics are unparalleled, Waste Logistics services can be offered and utilized separately. 

How can I just get an Open Top (Roll Off) for clean up?

Our Waste Logistics experts can assist in coordinating a temporary Open Top (Roll Off). We will research the best pricing for you and follow through from delivery to removal.

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