Valet Waste Helps Make Your Community a Place You Are Proud to Call Home.

Resident_Page_Valet.pngAt Valet Waste, our goal is to enhance your apartment living experience by providing you with unparalleled customer service, and offering both you and other members of your community services and amenities everyone will enjoy. As the premier services provider to the multifamily housing industry, making apartment living clean and convenient for you and your neighbors is at the heart of what we do. All of our employees and uniformed valets are dedicated, trained, and background checked to provide you and all members of your community with the highest levels of quality service every time we set foot on your property.

With our five nights a week doorstep valet trash collection service, you and your neighbors will no longer need to take long walks, day or night, out to your dumpster or community compactor.  You will no longer have to make trips up and down stairwells with your trash bags over your shoulder or carrying your waste containers, nor will you need to place your trash on or inside of your car to deliver it to your dumpster or community compactor again - we do it all for you in the rain, heat, or snow!  You and your neighbors will no longer need to worry about the embarrassment of your guests seeing other residents' trash sitting out in your community's hallways or breezeways.  All you have to do is place your Valet Waste supplied container out on your doorstep and bring it in by the next morning.

In addition, our services help you and the residents at your community, as well as your property managers and owners, live a greener lifestyle. Our five nights per week recycling program provides everyone with an easy way to be environmentally conscious and responsible at the same time. Our recycling programs help your community become more sustainable by reducing everyone's overall waste creation and environmental impact.

About Our Services

From our doorstep valet trash service to our community recycling programs, Valet Waste brings convenience directly to your front door.

Purchase Recycling Bags

Approved for use in multifamily community recycling programs, our recycling bags can be ordered online or found at your local supermarket and other fine retailers.

Brochures & Downloads

Click here to visit this section for printing or downloading all of Valet Waste's guides and procedures for trash and recycling collection.

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