Pet Waste Stations by Valet Waste - Your Total Solution to Property Pet Waste.

Dog-Valet-Price-Tag.jpgApproximately two-thirds of all renters have pets. Pet owners are pet lovers. Residents who have pets regard them as family members. When communities can make pet owners feel welcome, they build a unique brand loyalty associated directly with their pet(s). For an apartment manager or owner, this can help translate to greater resident satisfaction, fewer turnovers, and more referrals.

Being Pet Friendly

Throughout communities today, pet owners want outdoor spaces in which they can enjoy time with their pets. All community residents want outdoor spaces that are clean, pleasant, and safe for both themselves and their children. Keeping harmony in a pet friendly community can be an overwhelming task sometimes for on-site maintenance staff and requires an effective and experienced specialist to handle this service. No one in the multifamily industry is better suited for this service than Valet Waste, which is the only national company that provides AND services both pet stations and pet waste bags.

Pet Waste Stations by Valet Waste

Our durable, low maintenance Pet Waste Station is attractive and designed to complement, not distract from, its natural outdoor setting. The Pet Waste Station informs residents and reminds them of pet policies, dispenses biodegradable bags for collecting pet waste, and provides a place for disposal.

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Metal Sign
The metal sign at the top of the U-channel post conveys the purpose of the station and reminds them of pet policies.

Pet Waste Bag Dispenser
The pet waste bag dispenser is made from galvanized metal with an oven cured electrostatic powder coating. It holds two rolls of bags each containing 200 bags (400 total bags). The bags dispense from both sides of the unit, which contains a locking front access door.

Waste Basket
The waste basket has a full width hinged top and is also made from galvanized metal with an oven cured electrostatic powder coating. Disposable plastic liners hold the deposited waste bags. When serviced, the new liner is placed in the empty container.

U-channel Post
All of the components of the Pet Waste Station by Valet Waste are secured to the U-channel post, which is mounted in the ground.

Pet Waste Bags
Dog_Valet_Pet_Bags.jpgValet Waste's pet waste bags come in rolls of 200, which are available in 10 roll cases. Features of the pet waste bags include:

  • Biodegradable - Better of the Environment.
  • Made in the USA - Supports American Workers and an Assurance of Quality.
  • Thicker than the Competition at 1 mil. Many Competitive Bags are made Overseas with a Thickness of only 0.67 mil, which is Barely Half as Thick as Valet Waste's Pet Waste Bags.
  • Opaque Brown Bag - Contents not Visible.
  • Easier to Use. Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) plastic opens easier and does not stick together.

Liner Bags
Our 15-gallon liner bags are used to hold and conveniently dispose of the waste basket contents.

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