The Valet Waste Difference

VW_Differences_Waste_Station_Collection.pngProven Doorstep Trash & Recycling System

  • Valet Waste invented and founded the doorstep trash amenity for the multifamily housing industry in 1995 – 22 years of experience in resident education and tested collection methods.
  • Nation’s leading provider currently serving over 900,000 units in 35 states.
  • Our service provides a controlled waste stream on property. No more trash out during leasing hours and drips / stains on sidewalks and breezeways are virtually eliminated.
  • iValet cutting-edge technology software empowers your property with on-site activity reports.

VW_Differences_Team.pngDedicated Team of Experts

  • Your property has a dedicated and professional on-site district manager at your service that is familiar with your staff and property to maintain an unparalleled standard of service.
  • We continuously provide ongoing education and training. Our team of experts ensures confidence of your property staff and a smooth roll-out of your service.
  • Backed by the private equity group of Ares Management and Harvest Partners with combined assets over $90 billion, Valet Waste takes our client relationships and partnerships very seriously and we want to be a vested partner in your future as well.
  • We constantly monitor your on-site containers and provide recommendations on how to reduce your overall waste spends.

VW_Differences_Calculator.pngImmediate Bottom Line Results

  • Increased Net Operating Income (NOI) – Valet Waste is an amenity that benefits all residents.
  • Maintenance Efficiencies – Your staff can now focus completely on service requests and turning units.
  • Market Advantage Leasing – Valet trash is one of the most desirable amenities in the multifamily housing industry and provides your property with a competitive advantage over other communities. 
  • Risk Mitigation – Our valets are an extra set of eyes to protect your property when your staff is not on-site.
  • Resident Satisfaction - Increases your renewals and decreases your turnover expenses.

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