iValet Software

iValet is Proprietary Technology to
Provide Your Communities with Unparalleled Service
and Resident Satisfaction

iValet is Valet Waste’s virtual workforce management app. Property managers can have the peace of mind that all on-site property activities are monitored in real-time at every door, every night.

With iValet, each individual property is custom geo-fenced and mapped for buildings, breezeways, common areas and more. Potential problem areas, such as hidden doors, pet waste stations or common area trash cans, can be created and identified as points-of-interest to ensure they are collected efficiently and consistently by our service valets.

What Our Customers Say

“This program has allowed us to increase overall revenue, decrease trash removal expenses, and provide a more efficient and convenient way for our valued residents to take advantage of our green initiatives.”

Greystar Real Estate

During the collection process, Valet Waste’s District Managers have access to real-time data to proactively manage their individual properties. They can monitor and live-track:

  • Exactly when service started and ended at the property.
  • The route the valet is using when servicing the property to ensure that he or she meets the time goal for completing the property.
  • Completed and non-completed buildings.
  • Custom points of interest on the property.

Our ability to monitor and report on all of your on-site activities ensures that our valets continuously provide your communities with unparalleled service and care every time we step onto your property. With iValet, Property Managers receive detailed reports on their properties without waiting until the following day. Our Service Valets will photograph and report safety violations and other hazards discovered onsite such as malfunctioning or broken light fixtures. Our electronic iValet reports also eliminate the need for paper reporting and support our commitment to sustainability.

iValet is real-time proactive virtual workforce management and reporting software offered exclusively by Valet Waste. No other app in the multifamily industry does what iValet can do. It is cutting-edge technology to provide your communities with unparalleled service and resident satisfaction.

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