Our Containers

Valet Waste's Classic Container (13 Gallon), 25 Gallon, Waste Station and Waste Benches provide a number of features and benefits to the communities they are used in. They are ergonomically designed to fit in any apartment, enhance the overall appearance of the community (Waste Station or Waste Bench), provide a uniform look, and prevent any trash or recycle leakage onto hallways and breezeways. Containers include Valet Waste's logo and phone number to assist in customer service.  The containers are also monitored daily by professional trash valets for container cleaning, removal, and/or replacement. Any required reports on the containers are also submitted to the property's management staff.

The Valet Waste
Classic Container

  • Holds a standard 13 gallon trash bag.
  • Standard Valet Waste container used nationwide.
  • To be placed in designated area outside resident's door between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM. 
  • To be brought back inside by 9:00 AM the following morning.
  • Dimensions: 17.25" Top Width, 13.00" Bottom Width, 21.50" Tall.
  • Custom container colors available include: red, gray, yellow, kelly green, forest green, recycle 
    blue and white.



Waste Station

  • Holds 1-2 standard 13 gallon trash bags.
  • Available in brown or taupe. 
  • Permanent fixture outside resident's door in designated area.
  • Dimensions: 23.25" Wide, 20.00" Tall, 23-24 lbs.


Waste Bench 

  • Holds 1-2 standard 13 gallon trash bags.
  • Provides extra seating.
  • Decorative, functional and sturdy.
  • Available in taupe.
  • To be kept outside in designated area for residents to place trash.
  • Dimensions: 31.00" Wide, 30.00" Tall, 22 lbs.


25 Gallon Container

  • Holds a standard 25-30 gallon trash bag.
  • To be placed in designated area between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM.
  • Dimensions: 19.50" Top Width, 15.25" Bottom Width, 29.30" Tall. 

Note: Valet Waste offers communities numerous waste container options, collection dates, and service times.  Check with your property management staff to verify the waste containers, collection dates, and service times at your property or contact Valet Waste toll free at 1-877-5-PICKUP.

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