Doorstep Collection

The #1 Voted Resident Service Year After Year

Valet Waste created and founded Doorstep Collection for the multifamily housing industry in 1995. Today, Valet Waste has a proven and efficient nationwide system, which services over 900,000 units in 35 states and is designed to handle everything in the multifamily housing industry from the largest portfolios to the smallest privately owned properties.

Valet Waste offers a standard five nights per week trash and recycling collection service as well as customized days and times of service to fit every community's unique needs.

With Valet Waste's Standard Collection Service, residents simply place their bagged and tied waste into a provided Valet Waste container and place it outside on their doorstep between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM, Sunday through Thursday for pick-up. Collection at the community will begin promptly at 8:00 PM. The trash valets will collect all of the community's trash and deliver it to the community's dumpster or compactor. Residents then simply place their empty waste containers back in their residence by 9:00 AM the next morning.


Note: Valet Waste offers communities numerous waste container options, collection dates, and service times.  Check with your property management staff to verify the waste containers, collection dates, and service times at your property or contact Valet Waste toll free at 1-877-5-PICKUP.

An Amenity Every Resident Can Benefit From

Doorstep Collection is an amenity that every resident uses multiple times a week. Valet Waste's proven system controls a community's waste stream while providing the community, its staff, and its residents added benefits.  These benefits include:

  • Doorstep Collection or valet trash service is an amenity nearly all residents take advantage of unlike a gym or pool at their community.
  • Valet Waste's Doorstep Collection helps improve resident retention and new leases by offering a property a unique market advantage compared to competitors that do not offer a valet trash service. 
  • No trash is left out in the community during leasing hours.
  • Uniform trash and waste station containers. CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR CONTAINERS
  • No sites of residents dragging trash throughout the community or placing it on their cars and taking it to the dumpster or compactor.
  • Trash is collected shortly after it is set outside - no odors, trash leakage, or stains on walkways and breezeways.
  • Dumpsters and Compactor Areas are cleaned nightly by Valet Waste's fully insured and uniformed trash valets.
  • Community operating expenses are reduced by an estimated 2-3 labor hours per day.
  • Community maintenance staff can focus on work orders, resident satisfaction, and customer service instead of trash.
  • Crime Deterrent - additional professional personnel are on the property up to 28 times per month at hours when the management and maintenance staffs have usually gone home for the evening.

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